Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fashion: The Bigger the Foot, the Cheaper the Shoe

I discovered a quirk in shoe pricing at Buffalo Exchange last week when I scored a brand new pair of Minnetonka suede boots for $25 (they’re $40 new).


Always one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I asked the sales girl why the discount. She told me that they accept shoes larger than a size 10 but sell them at a lower price point because they figure there’s less demand for 11s and 12s.

Allow me to step right up and take advantage.


I’m certain the same logic was at work when Crossroads priced these brand new size 11 Nine West leather boots at $12.50. That’s right, $12.50 (original price around $50).


Of course, this rule works both ways, as I found out when I sold Crossroads a pair of full-length black suede boots and saw them priced below $30.

But since I typically wear my shoes until there’s nothing between my soles and the pavement but a layer of Goo, this policy is yet another reason for me to always buy consignment.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

DIY: The Great Easter Tie Dye Affair

My mom, as you’ve seen, is one crafty lady, and on Easter weekend she did not disappoint. She found a how-to by Jaimie Cura on for dying elaborate patterns on hardboiled eggs with men’s silk ties. At last, a use for paisley print!


We learned a few lessons during the dying process, most importantly to pull the silk pieces as tight as possible around the egg shells. Anywhere the silk isn’t in contact with the shell the dye won’t transfer.  And beware of silk that’s been treated to make it stain-resistant or to keep the color from running—that’s the whole idea!


I think they turned out lovely and even though you aren’t supposed to eat them, my boyfriend Asa had a few for breakfast. (The one with the cracked bottom didn’t make it 10 minutes after this picture was taken.)


“T. E. Bunny” brought Asa his first ever Easter basket the next morning (the Easter eggs were also a new phenomenon).


Me: What kind of childhood did you have!?! Asa: uh…the Jewish kind?