Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Event: Love Me My Poncho

My first time on a catwalk was two weeks ago in Dolores Park, strutting against the wind, cape flying behind me, on a long piece of red construction paper. The “celebrity” judges gave me a score of five stars, check plus, and 10,000.

My friends and I were in the park for Love Me, Love My Poncho—yes, a poncho-themed fashion show and clothing swap. This swap was much more informal (and quirky) than the Swap Lulu’s event—the twenty or so of us put down blankets, laid out our wares, and had a great time chatting, haggling, and trying on. There were quite a few tall and/or plus-sized participants, so I walked away a happy woman with handmade jewelry, yoga pants, and a pair of size 11 boots.

As we were hashing it out, Sarah Adler from the SF Chronicle snapped photos and interviewed us about our favorite hand-me-downs and “the one piece of clothing that got away.” You can read her full column here. A photographer from SF Indie Fashion was also on hand, but she hasn’t uploaded her photos yet; I’ll be sure to let you know when she does!
The main event was a red carpet catwalk, accompanied by the hoots of the crowd and the snap of camera shutters (having a PBR beforehand was highly encouraged). My friend Megan and I shimmied down the runway—her in a bright orange knit poncho and me (cheating a bit) in a navy blue cape-coat. We didn’t win the grand prize, but when the show was over we headed to one of my favorite vintage and costume shops—Idol Vintage on 16th St.—a fitting reward for my fashion debut.
P.S.: As promised, here are photos by the lovely Aura O'Brien of SF Indie Fashion:
The gent in the tiny hat won the day.

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