Thursday, April 26, 2012

Beauty: Fish Tales

I’m back with another post about long hair! On rainy days (and lazy days) I love throwing my hair up in a braid. I recently discovered two new and adorable braided hairstyles and learned to make them from YouTube tutorials.

The first is a fishtail braid, which involves dividing your hair into two sections (as opposed to three for a standard braid). Take a small piece from the back of one of the sections and wrap it around the front, adding it to the section on the opposite side. Trust me, it’s easier to do than it is to explain. I don’t know anything about the hair extensions company this girl does marketing for, but she explains the basics of fishtail braiding pretty well:


I haven’t tried this style yet, but the girl in the tutorial also did a video explaining how to create a French-braided “headband” with long, loose curls:


The second hairstyle I’m really into is the Heidi look, which is slightly more complicated but totally worth it. This video tutorial from one of the masterminds behind photography/vintage/DIY site Strawberry Koi is a great introduction:

I couldn’t master the technique of braiding upward along the side of my head, so instead I started the two side braids as close as possible to the nape of my neck and then pulled them up and crossed them on the top. The great thing about this style is that you don’t need ultra-long hair to pull it off—if the side braids are long enough to overlap by a couple of inches at the top of your head, it will look just fine.

My favorite variation on this style is to simply braid all of my hair on one side, pull the braid over and bobby pin it in place, and then use a hair decoration to cover the exposed end:


Next time you’re fighting the elements, switch out your go-to bun or ponytail for a little something unique.

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