Friday, July 27, 2012

{Vintage} Fashion: Mad Woman

From my roof deck…
Christina Hendricks (my sartorial hero) is the only size 14 women I know of who’s universally considered drop-dead gorgeous. In addition to of course being drop-dead gorgeous, her allure has everything to do with her supreme vintage wardrobe.

My yellow cocktail dress is thrifted (I believe it was actually hand made a decade or two ago), but in addition to vintage shops and hand-me-downs, you can find retro-inspired frocks all over. Last year, Banana Republic launched their Mad Men line, and Mod Cloth—the designer-centric online store and community site—is almost totally vintage-inspired. These two are my Mod Cloth favorites.
The sweetheart and high necklines, empire waists, and curve-hugging pencil skirts of the early 60s do incredible things to an hourglass shape. Plus, women who are both curvy and tall can wear the characteristic over-the-knee cuts and still have legs for days…

Shots in this post were taken by the extraordinary boudoir photographer Lauren Kanegawa—a soon-to-be graduate of the Brooks Institute and a friend.

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