Monday, November 5, 2012

Fashion: The Cashmere Mafia

It all started when my co-worker noticed a hole in the elbow of his blue cashmere sweater. I love cashmere (who doesn’t?), and it got me thinking about where he might find a replacement at a decent price if it couldn’t be repaired.

His pull-over is from Costco, but they aren’t offering that style again this season: a simple, navy Crew neck in 100% cashmere. I found myself Googling madly, and as I fell down the rabbit hole I realized that markups on high-end clothing are, if anything, even worse for men than they are for women.

Macy’s: $195

Macys Sweater copy

J Crew: $225 for their “special” blend

J Crew Sweater copy

Burberry Brit: $350 for the sweater + a dose of pretentious ad copy

Burberry Sweater copy

Margiela via Neiman Marcus: $995 for a designer name and leather elbow patches to prevent those pesky holes

Margiela Neiman Marcus Sweater copy

Needless to say, my fellow editor won’t be throwing a grand at a new jumper, but I also think $200, even for luxe fabric, is a lot to spend. I realize that retail markups are essential to cover labor, marketing, design, and other costs for clothing makers, but from the perspective of a consumer looking for a relatively basic item, an average price of $440 for a sweater sounds obscene.

A lot of guys (the ones in my life included) don’t like buying second-hand or waiting and searching for deals on new items. Fear not! Ebay, Craigslist, BlueFly, and the local Thrift Town may just save you from the menswear mob.


  1. TL;DR

    Cashmere is expensive and really nice cashmere not made in sweat shops is even more expensive.

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