Sunday, January 20, 2013

Event: A Dickensian Christmas

Real life has barreled into the blogosphere and landed right in the lap of yours truly. I’m sorry I haven’t been updating nearly as often as I should, but allow me to make it up to you with a trip back in time to the Great Dickens Christmas Fair in Daly City…


You know me, name a lit-themed convention where period costumes are required and you can bet your bustle I’ll be there in mine (see: the 2013 Edwardian Ball). Fair planers transformed the Cow Palace into a miniature Victorian London, complete with sooty chimney sweeps, mince pies, and carts full of sweet, warm nuts.


Highlights included custom corsets from Dark Garden (model and cupcakes not included), Whirlwood Magic Wands, a performance by the Royal English Opera Company, and perhaps most of all unbelievable leather masks by Mitchell Walker.


What’s that I hear? The tinkling sleigh bells of a new holiday tradition?!

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