Sunday, February 5, 2012

Odds N' Ends: Britain's Tallest Family

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Photo of the Van Nes family courtesy of the Dorset Echo
I remember watching the TLC documentary “World’s Tallest Children” and thinking that theVan Nes family reminded me a little of my own: my father is 6’8”, my three half-sisters and I are 5’11”, 6’0”, 6’1”, and 6’2”, my half-brother is 6’4”, and my mother (the family shrimp) is a cool 5’9”.
Of course, we’re short one advantage that the Van Neses have: a custom-built house with raised toilets, counter tops, and windows. The only things they haven’t scaled-up are their doorframes. Father Frank (6’10.5”) explains that if they got out of the habit of ducking to get through their doorways at home, they would all risk head injuries from bumping into standard 6’ 8” doors elsewhere.
This extra-large dwelling sounds like a great idea, until you consider that if the Van Neses ever decide to move, they’ll have to sell their home to someone in the Guinness Book.
Here’s Part I of “World’s Tallest Children (Britain’s tallest family comes in at 5:40). To see the full run-down of the Van Neses’ custom home, see the first 25 seconds of Part II here.
Photo of Jessica Pardoe courtesy of the Daily Mail

If you just can’t get enough of tall Brits, check out Britain’s tallest teenage girl, Jessica Pardoe, who at age 18 is 6’9” with 38” gams and size 11 feet. In an interview with the Daily Mail, she talks about special ordering clothes and shoes online and having trouble wedging herself into the driver’s seat for lessons. But, she says, boys don’t seem to mind her extraordinary height.


  1. There will be a consequence for such extreme height.its not natural for the human body to be this huge. This is becoming more common nowadays due to food chemicals which alter the genes. Its such a shame these children will suffer with freakish heights.push the human body too much bad effects will be bound to occur.

    1. That isnt aleays the case. People are taller now because they have access to regular, nutritious food on a regular basis through adolescense. Yes, some people's height stems from serious medical conditions such as brain tumors, etc. but this is obviously not the case for the Van Nes family. It's genetic! As long as they get the vitsmins and minerals they need, their height does not cause any outstanding harm to their well being, other than being more likely to trip over their feet and break something ( from experience...) Sometimes people need to understand what they're stating before you say it. Height, though affected various environmental factors, is not something you can control. Saying that somebody's body "isn't natural" is riduculus and hurtful to people who is physically different is the same same as telling a member of the lgbt community that their mind is broken, and that they're "unnatural"; it's just ridiculus. Whether or not there is some scientific backing tp what you're saying, it is NOT relevant to the Van Nes family's, nor is it in most other rather tall people's cases. This is coming from a 6' tall 17 year old girl. And I stopped growing at around 12!

  2. Robert P. Wadlow was 8'11" but it had nothing to do with food chemicals. He had a pituitary issue. When a whole family is tall, it wouldn't be related to food chemicals either, would it?

  3. This is for the British family that's has like 3 boys and 1 girl for my opinion there old enough to get there big heads to work so they can help there mom and dad to pay for all the food they eat a day and the dad says it's all worth it... for what?? show them how to work not to measure themselves everyday