Monday, September 3, 2012

Events: Unique SF, Renegade Craft Fair, & NightLife at the Academy

I’ve recently released my inner magpie at three showcases of local DIY and crafting talent. The first was the premier of Unique SF at the Concourse Exhibition Center on July 1. I was dazzled by more than 200 artisans specializing in natural stone, laser-cut pieces, animal bone jewelry, and screen printed tees.

Toyota, the event sponsor, had booths where you could get your hair braided, have a massage, and learn to fashion wrap bracelets from chord and embroidery thread. (Tune in next week for more on the swellmayde bracelets...)

ASTALI’s bullet charms, snake vertebrae bracelets, and subway token cuff links inspired me to start working more with coins and bullets (hint: check out my background shot). Corey Egan’s silverwork and Nous Savon’s shoulder chains were also highlights. What’s a shoulder chain, you ask?

Check out the last picture in the slideshow Finger_Pointing_Down_small.

Psst: The Unique Made in America show will be expanding to NYC for the first time on November 17 & 18!
I hit my second wind on July 21 with the Renegade Craft Fair at Fort Mason Center. The level of creativity in the crafting community never ceases to amaze me: belts made from fire hoses, earrings from skateboard wood, and necklaces from pieces of actual starched lace.
My only complaint about Renegade was that most of the fine jewelry, pottery, and textiles at the exhibition were far out of my price range. I’m still dreaming about the silver brain rings, lung lockets, and tentacle pendants Peggy Skemp had on offer. Sigh…

I met the lovely Caitlin (5’10”) at Renegade, too. She and her tall, tall mom suggested I check out the Lizzie Bennet Diaries—a Youtube adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. Somehow, my boyfriend’s now hooked on Jane Austin.
Last (but probably best) was crafter-themed NightLife at the California Academy of Sciences on August 16. Every Thursday night the museum has a 21+ cocktail event, and this week featured steampunk pieces from Scene, Not Herd, pressed insects on vintage maps from Bug Under Glass, and laser cut and 3-D printed accessories from Christina Westbrook.
After shopping my heart out, I wandered through the aquarium and rainforest dome, and past a one-man exhibit on animal penises (no joke). Unfortunately, the academy’s new Earthquake exhibit was underwhelming, except for the 51-day-old baby ostriches. Illustrating the evolutionary power of plate tectonics—with cuteness!

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