Saturday, February 9, 2013

Odds N’ Ends: You’re in the Club


Did you know there’s a worldwide network of clubs for tall people? Tall Clubs International (TCI) sponsors social events, trips, and conventions for women 5’10” and above and men 6’2” and above.

“As tall people, we know we are ‘vertically gifted’ and fabulous”—that’s an “About Us” message I can get behind. TCI spreads “tall awareness” by campaigning for more legroom on airplanes, fundraising for Marfan’s Syndrome research, etc. Hilariously, the local Bay Area chapter is called the Golden Gate Tip-Toppers.

I’m not a member of TCI, but I came across their site when I was applying for college scholarships. Every year, they give two tall students $1,000 awards during their senior years of high school.

They also conduct an annual beauty pageant called Miss Tall International to appoint a spokeswoman for the organization. The people who enter are the kind I always hope to see in beauty contests: actual human woman. Pageants for the less “altitudinally fortunate” should take note. (Pretty sure I just invented a shiny new word.)

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